Fate's rituals and a myriad of choices.

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#Spiritual Consultation #Harmonizing Relationships #Reuniting After Separation #Enhancing Personal Connections and Romantic and Financial Fortune #Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Creation Techniques #Moving and Business Opening Auspiciousness #Selecting Favorable Dates and Times #Feng Shui Assessment #Name Changing and Naming #I Ching Divination #New Taipei Spiritual Consultation #How to Reunite After a Breakup #Heart I Ching Divination #Tarot Divination

Relationship and Legal Matters

Reuniting and Saving Marriages Special Section🌈Matchmaking and Red String of Fate 💮Soul Connections

Full-Fledged Spiritual Consultation

Unlimited Questions, Video or Voice Answers, Comprehensive Life Events, Karma from Past Lives to Present Issues

Heart I Ching Divination

Single Question, Single Item, Written Response

Offerings for Change and Resolution

Customized Talismans for Personal Safety, Enhancement of Wealth, Warding Off Calamities and Health Hazards, and Praying for Blessings and Light

Qi Men Dun Jia Layout

"Layout Adjustment, Proactive Destiny Creation" Creating the Vision You Desire

Feng Shui Assessment

Assessing the Spiritual Dynamics of Your Location, Creating Suitable Environments

Selecting Favorable Dates and Naming

Choosing Dates for Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations, Lectures, and Store Openings Personalized Character Selection Based on Your Birth Chart, Aligned with the Five Elements and Zodiac

Mind-Body-Spirit Courses

Introduction to I Ching Divination Master Class in Plum Blossom Heart I Ching Basic Qi Men Dun Jia Class Advanced Yin Plate Qi Men Class The Supreme Secret Wheel of Dharma

Case Evaluations

Rituals and Qi Men Destiny Creation for Heaven and Earth

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Q&A for Clarifications

2023 年 2 月 12 日


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Customer Feedback Compilation

2023 年 2 月 5 日

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Connecting Body and Universe

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