Ceremonial Rites for Alteration, Improvement, and Fortune Enhancement

☯Origins gathered and observed; hearts at ease, bringing peace to all aspects – harmonizing with Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.☯

Ceremonial Transformation for Dispelling Inauspiciousness, Fortifying Wealth and Benefactors, Resolving Calamities and Illness, and Seeking Blessings through the Radiant Lamp

The term “ceremonial” refers to rituals performed for the merit-holder personally, while “transformation” signifies repentance and reform.

Transforming Inauspiciousness” involves the removal of misfortunes, redirecting merit toward settling karmic debts, ultimately completing the reconciliation of grievances and debts during the ritual. Major misfortunes become minor, minor misfortunes turn into peaceful events, and peaceful events lead to good fortune.

Ceremonial Rites for Alteration, Transformation of Inauspicious Energies, and Customized Peace Talisman: Seven days of altar offerings, cost $5,000.
Wealth Repository and Noble Support Fortune Enhancement: Three days of altar offerings, cost $3,600.
Peaceful Resolutions for Tai Sui Clash: One-time cost of $1,680.
Blessing and Illuminating Light Lamps: One per person per year, cost $300.
Medicine Master’s Crystal Medicine Method: Seven days of altar offerings, cost $6,000.
Infant Spirits, Deceased Pets, and Family Spirits’ Salvation: Cost of $7,200.
The Ten Directions Boundless Fire Offering to the Heavens: $35,000 (per day, per altar)

For all rituals, you only need to provide your real name, date and time of birth, and current place of residence (city or district is sufficient)

All rituals are conducted by the teacher in person.
Merit-holders must cooperate during the ritual period by performing simple rituals at home and, most importantly, possessing a sincere repentant heart.

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