Feng Shui and Naming

Analyzing the magnetic field dynamics of the location, incorporating the Eight Trigrams and Five Elements, along with business-specific attributes, to create the most optimal environment.

Feng Shui Assessment㋧

㊀Service Method and Fees:

Yang Residential Feng Shui On-Site Service: One-time fee – Greater Taipei, Taoyuan, Yilan area: $6,000, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Central Taiwan area: $7,000, Chiayi and southern, as well as eastern Taiwan area: $8,000.

(Yin Residential Feng Shui: Additional $3,000.)

The above quotes are for Feng Shui assessments of layouts within 50 square meters up to three stories. For larger industrial spaces, please inquire for a custom quote.

㊁Starting a Business, Home Decoration, Moving for Working Professionals, Student Accommodation Arrangement

Date Selection📅

㊀Service Method and Fees: $3,600

㊁Applicable to weddings, funerals, celebrations, lecture events, and store openings.


㊀Service Method and Fees: $3,600 for individuals (64 sets), $6,000 for corporate businesses (10 sets).

㊁Suitable for new startup companies or rebranding businesses and stores.

🧮Service Process🧮

1.Fill out the form.


3.Add on Line.

4.Await a response.✅



§Feel free to add on Line and leave a message.§ Line ID: ysa390

The teacher will respond as soon as they see the message.🌍

For Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, and the Americas.

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